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helping you out of pain and stress


I'm a massage therapist who specialises in helping people out of pain and stress.

Pain is not always what it seems. For example, did you know that trigger points in your shoulders can cause headaches? Or that tightness in your glutes can cause lower back pain? Or that stress can cause pain in the body? 


Through a confidential consultation and hands-on treatment, we work together to explore where your pain might be coming from and how it's manifesting in your body.

use a mix of hands-on techniques, including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, thai table techniques and sports stretching to reduce pain, increase mobility and decrease stress.

I work in Shalford (Surrey).

What pain and stress problems can clinical massage help you with? 
eadaches, muscular pain, joint pain, injuries, RSI, posture related pain, anxiety and chronic pain (pain that continues past the usual healing time) are just a few examples of problems I have helped my clients with.


 The condition that I have has caused me a great deal of pain. Lily researched the condition prior to our appointment and used my feedback to further tailor her approach to treating me at each subsequent session. The treatment provided has helped to lower my pain levels.  I will be returning in the future for more sessions. She has a very professional approach and is calm and easy to relate to.

Shalini Norman

If I can sum up my treatment with Lily in one word it's wow! 
I walked in with stiff lower back and glutes. I walked out and they felt so loose and pain free.
Lily spent extra time talking through what she found and was happy to show me certain stretches and gave great advise how to battle my stress and my struggle to get to sleep. 

Gary Foulkes

I went to see Lily after the pain in my shoulder got too bad to ignore. Lily was super professional and knowledgeable, I was so impressed with the process of identifying pain points so she (and I) could really get to the core of my problem. The massage was a dream (I almost had a nap) and she gave me some follow-up exercises to strengthen my shoulder. Thank you Lily!

Louise Cross Bone


If you'd like to book and appointment or to find out more about what I do, leave me a message below. 

Thanks for getting in touch.

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